Medical device logistics and field inventory applications

About TurnsLift

A Platform to Optimize Medical Device Logistics

An Innovative and Intuitive Take on Field and Consignment Inventory

"TurnsLift is the solution we have been waiting for...It simplifies life for our sales team, allows our operations team to be more efficient, and ultimately increases our bottom line."

Functionality designed for field sales teams

Mobile case scheduling and inventory requests to quickly meet the needs of surgeons. Automatic kit suggestions based on prior cases with the same surgeon. Real-time notifications so reps are always in the loop. Dedicated consignment and loaner-friendly tools.

Tools to support customer service and warehouse teams

Real-time updates on inventory requests from sales reps. Touch-friendly tools to ship and receive inventory. Real-time view of inventory movements within and to the field. Expiration and utilization tools to maximize turns.

Real-time visibility to all inventory movements in the field.

Gain real-time transparency to all inventory requests, transfers, consumption and returns. Never wonder about where your sets are, what stock levels might be in the consignment room, or how many expired parts will come back this year.

Instant analytics through a configurable set of dashboards

TurnsLift’s real-time dashboards show all field and inventory activity at a glance. These simple and clean dashboards give your teams instant access to the data most important to them. Configure, automate and send dashboards to take the headache out of reporting.

Increase order accuracy and efficiency by minimizing manual data entry

Touch-friendly apps with pick lists, scanning, automated data entry and real-time notifications gives sales teams the tool to be more responsive to customers, more accurate with requests and more efficient with their time.

Make allocation and replenishment a breeze for warehouse teams.

Touch friendly blueprints give warehouse and distribution teams the tools to speed up receiving and replenishment like never before. Notifications ensure kit turns can grow up to 6X versus industry averages.

Minimize shrink and control consignment inventories

Schedule and execute cycle counts to keep track of inventory in hospitals, clinics, and truck stocks. Scan and touch-based picklists minimize errors, increase rep efficiency and quickly identify exceptions to stock lists.

Bill directly from your ERP, Quickbooks or from contract pricing within TurnsLift

TurnsLift’s billing module streamlines PO collection and pricing processes. Input hospital contract pricing and discounts, or allow TurnsLift to pull pricing from any number of existing systems.